Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Wheel of Whammies

Since life has little to no meaning until two Saturdays when we can (damn well better) beat Tennessee, I don't get any particular joy in posting this. But I've long considered my friends and I something of innovators in tailgating.

Chances are, if you've ever seen girls on campus swinging a stick at a pinata filled with whiskey, that was us. Or it was someone who got it from us. Secretly, my parents are proud of that.

I invented whiskey fishing, which is just like fishing for Bible verses, which maybe you did in Vacation Bible School. Except there are airplane bottles of bourbon wrapped with metal wire wrapped and thrown in a big pool of water.

This weekend debuted The WHEEL OF WHAMMIES! which sounds cooler if you say it in like a gameshow voice.

Now, a whammy can be a lot of things.

There are various whammy theories and kinds of whammies. The Boomerang. The Super Whammy.

But generally there is one truth, with a few exceptions keeping us from A Unified Whammy Theory.

And that truth is this: All whammies are self whammies.

The idea of the wheel, while dependent on that rule, is more fun than that. Because there are more good things on the wheel, or W.O.W., than bad. And, just as the one SUPER WHAMMY! must be pretty damn unfortunate for the spinner, so must the prizes be an equal enticement to make people want to play.

There's stuff written under those silver triangles. And on one of them.

So the wheel is spun, and the whammy is "revealed." Boomerang! means another person gets to spin the wheel, but whatever it lands on, happens to you.

The Sack! is much better than it sounds, since it's grab back of various small Georgia prizes.

Which brings us to The Super Whammy. That can be the hardest one to think of, and is clearly the most important.

On Saturday, when we hit Super Whammy on the first ever spin, I should have known we were doomed. The Florida loss made me worry. The USC loss probably should have warned me, but I was too damn stupid.

Oh, we could be No. 1 after this weekend. Oh, we're so good.

I read Coach Richt's comments, and I saw him at Gameday and he looked so relaxed, I just figured he knew something the rest of us only suspected: That it was on, baby.

But it was hung up in a spider web, perhaps not unlike the economy. Like my buddy joe said, in paraphrase, A lot of plans were built on 'hope toos.'

If the o-line could gel (which isn't unreasonable, since there should be talent), if we could avoid injuries for the most part (which is harder when you don't block), if the D-line stepped up (It's not time to lose hope on that)...

And then Bama showed up and whipped our ass. Hats off to them, they played great. Like my buddy Mike Donila said, they'll be crying before the year ends, but they flat out destroyed us.

When I was younger I used to write "Humility" on my forearm before games, particularly when a season was going well. My friends make fun of this, and I don't blame them.

I actually thought about doing that Friday night, but didn't. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have helped.

But that's not to say humility isn't key to a lot in this world, to say nothing of the next.

My friends, peace be with you. And if you see some idiots spinning a Red and Black wheel, come on by.

Is it a self-whammy for writing it, or reading it?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Recovery through music

I don't know. It made me feel better. The blues always does.

I picked up my bag, and went looking for a place to hide...

Worst half of Georgia football. But not a season.

There's a Munson line from a few years back, after the '99 Auburn game, that I think is appropriate.

A lot of people lost this weekend that would come under the heading of a surprise, but how many of them got embarrassed?

That may very well have been the worst half in Georgia football history. I'm pretty certain it's the worst I've ever seen, and the feeling is very similar to that 1999 Auburn game.

But there were some positive things in the 2nd half, including the crowd support with recruits looking on. The students did not leave. This picture was taken with 1:59 to go in the 4th:

Thanks, guys.

The team fought in that second half. Everything else... it just pales in comparison to the absolute vomit sickness that was that first half. I blame simply everyone.

Charley Trippi: Basically the only Dawg who saw the field Saturday I wasn't disappointed with.

Even so, we absolutely can still win the Southeastern Conference, and I suggest we re-dedicate ourselves to the fundamentals that will be needed to reach that goal.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday report. Things... I don't know

I couldn't tell you what the mood is. Except it's hard to judge, and I've judged a lot of Fridays.

I know I saw Coach Richt today, and he looked cool as the other side of the pillow. He gave Corso and Herbstreit their own black jerseys, with their names on the back.

Regular tickets are ridiculous to come by. Student tickets can be had for $100. I wouldn't come here without a full tank of gas.

Paint it black:

Richt at Gameday: Not worried.


A rainbow over an American flag at a blacked-out liquor store in Athens. And there you go.

Can the federal government bail me out an Alabama ticket?

They're bailing out a bunch of other stuff people paid too much for, so it just seems fair.

Athens is fantastic. I suggest you get here asap.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Lucid Idiocy Alabama prediction

You've seen the comments. I've seen the comments.

Evil Richt brings the black veil of reality down on Alabama Saturday at Sanford Stadium.

UPDATE: Turned out it really was a funeral. Who was the fool being pitied by Mr. T, here?

Pulpwood and Sanford expansion

You gotta check out Pulpwood Smith's latest game prediction. Watch the language, though.

I'll break this down some more after we take care of business this weekend, but Georgia Sports Blog and The Banner-Herald have a bunch of information today about the University's future plan for athletic building, including an expansion at Sanford Stadium.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Colts sign David Greene

He'd been released by the Chiefs in July.

Put on for my city

Language alert on the music. Awesome alert on the Knowshon.

Courtesy of this guy.

The Larry Munson corn field

If you like Larry Munson, or, I suppose, corn, you really ought to check this out.

Hat tip to David Hale here at the paper.

Reasons to worry, reasons not to

I hope every reporter that talks to every Georgia player and coach this week to ask about two things, and two things only: Larry Munson and whether they stand any chance against this awesome Alabama team and their brilliant coach.
"Every game we've played, we've come out and kind of dominated them up front," (Alabama Qb John Parker) Wilson said. "By the end of the game, they didn't want to be out there. I think it's on both sides of the ball. If we can keep dictating the pace of the game like that, it makes us tough."

I know Alabama will be good. But is there really any reason to think they can dominate us up front? No way.
Alabama has talent. They will almost certainly be best team we've faced so far. But, as my buddy Joe noted, they don't have the kind of talent we've got across all 85 scholarships. "We've been doing this for a while now," he said.
All those toss sweeps in the desert concern me, because I'm not sure we know how to block in the middle.

And when Coach Richt says their D-tackle is "a problem" ...

"(Terrence Cody) is a beast,” head coach Mark Richt said. “Nobody has blocked him. He is a problem.”
For a team that's supposed to be so young, their offensive line looks to be more experienced than ours. They list three juniors and two seniors as their starters. They do list the two freshmen wide recievers and a freshman linebacker as starters.
Indiana Jones plus The Redcoat Band = Take 10 seconds and vote.
I hope the players are reasonable in their expectations for crowd participation this weekend. You might catch lightning in a bottle twice, but you won't catch all of it.
Is there any chance that this year's Bama team is last year's South Carolina team? Not in that they'll beat us, but a team that start fast and falls apart down the stretch?
Glen Coffee ran for 162 yards on his 10 carries last week.

That ain't gonna happen against us.
Anybody think there's money in a magnetized lighter for your refrigerator, or for storage on the outside of your car?
I know Saban and staff will pull out some tricks.

But we have Mark Richt.
I have this fear that this will be the game we stop being lucky about not giving up turnovers. Did you know Stafford hasn't thrown an interception yet? No one tell him.
I am willing to bet you that Coach Richt does not particularly care for Nick Saban. And, good a man as he is, that he wouldn't mind putting it on him a little bit Saturday.

Can't really have a blackout with Evil Richt showing up.

Heading into Saturday, both (Alabama and Arkansas) had already played 15 true freshmen, which trailed only Florida State (22) and Miami (21) in the Football Bowl Subdivision.
We don't have Casey Dick at quarterback.

The Crimson Tide and the Bulldogs, two tradition-steeped programs that have played infrequently over the years, have met just five times when both teams were ranked. Georgia has won all five games.
More context:
I'm not ready to say Clemson is a terrible football team, but they were the day that they played Alabama. The other three teams the Crimson Tide has faced: Tulane, Western Kentucky and a terrible Arkansas team.
Or to quote Pat Dye: "This game will be the first game where any team will fight back against Alabama."
The realist says we can punch them in the mouth early. The pessimist thinks Alabama may not know they're supposed to lose yet.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The stadium fell down.

We were gone. I gave up, you did too. We were out of it and gone. Miracle!

Just a couple more Munson links.

The Augusta Chronicle wrote an institutional editorial. Those are a big deal: Larry Munson founded Georgia in 1733, built the Capitol singlehandedly over a free weekend and used his carving skills to create Stone Mountain.

His retirement made The New York Times' international edition, as well.

I come to celebrate Munson, not to bury him.

I'm getting a little ticked at the tone of the Larry Munson talk out there, though much of that might be thanks to a few guys on local sports talk.

When someone retires, you throw a big freaking party and get them a pimp-ass watch. You don't act like they died.

We'll all miss him on the airwaves, and you know he'll miss the games. But everybody should be smiling for him. A career well done and loved, a legend in the state and out, Larry Munson.

His middle name is Harry, by the way. Which is both hilarious and fateful. And his birthday is Sunday.

I'll get the girl. You get the red and black cake. And the Munson rock the stadium cheer still must happen.

Tony Barnhart shows you how it's done:

As a green reporter should do, I arrived at Hemingway Stadium (John Vaught’s name would not be added until 1982) ridiculously early. But when I got to the press box, sitting outside in the stands waiting for somebody to open it, there was Larry Munson.

He didn’t say hello. He just looked at me and said:

“Hey, kid. You realize that we’re in big trouble over here today.”

"This one's gonna be a doozy."

- My buddy Joe

Razor sharp analysis from a phone conversation Joe and I just had:
JOE: Are they gonna run the ball or are we gonna run the ball? I think that's the question.

ME: I think that is the question. What I would like to see is for this to be the day that the o-line gels.

JOE: Well, yeah. I certainly think there's a possibility that we go out and 35-7 them. Because, really, our offense shouldn't be stopped. Except for that o-line thing.

ME: That's a big thing.

JOE: This one could come down to special teams. What if Knowshon does a Superman return?

JOE: Do we have anyone that could stop Julio Jones?

ME: If Rashad Jones breaks him in half, I'm pretty sure that stops him.

JOE: But, A.J. man. I'm going to watch the game again tonight. I watched it last night and I'm going to watch it again tonight. That's going to be like I'm gonna have coffee in the morning and I'm gonna watch that first half.

ME: How many people do you think are gonna be in Athens for this thing?

JOE: I'm pretty sure all of them. I think the big loser this week is CBS. I mean, you know? Whammy.

JOE: What's downtown Athens gonna be like?

ME: Blackedout?

Joe's looking for a ticket, by the way. But aren't we all.

Other ideas considered: Bribery, parachuting in, just staying there Friday night, impersonating a reporter, impersonating a stadium worker, just staying there Friday night then impersonating a stadium worker, tunneling in, tunneling in via Tanyard Creek, impersonating Eric Zeier.

I hear Munson's seat is available.

Too soon?

And they're carrying Vince Dooley off the field...

Forty-nine seconds.

Ball on the 21, they've gotta go to the four for a first down. Fourth and 17.

I know I'm asking a lot you guys, but HUNKER IT DOWN ONE MORE TIME!

Auburn up to the line on the 21. And Campbell, as they blitz on him, he threw a high, wobbly pass, they fight in the end zone, and the Dawgs broke it up! They broke it up! They broke it up!

Ronnie Harris and Jeff Sanchez got up in the air! We had pressure up the middle! They pressured the quarterback, one man in the middle and one from the flank! They pressured him! And they made him throw it. The Dawgs with 42 seconds!

I won't ask you to do that again, you guys.

Georgia students and fans standing and roaring: 23, 22, 21. Clock running, running. Oh, look at the sugar falling out of the sky! Look at the sugar falling out of the sky!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Larry Munson is all class and talent

Legendary Voice of the Bulldogs Larry Munson has announced his retirement from the booth.

I'm at a meeting with 100 people and the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Transportation. They're discussing a $300 million interstate interchange and DOT policy for the next several decades.

I feel like I should call everything to a stop so we can talk about Munson. Everyone involved with the Dawgs just moved up a rung, because the best has called it a career.

By the way...



The Man:

Super Destroyer:

All images by The Associated Press, from The Macon Telegraph.

Beat Bama

I got word of the blackout before I even got into my seat on the plane in Phoenix. I'd be lying if I didn't say it scares me. But, then, Bama already scared me. And I basically get worried about everything.

It doesn't change anything.

And one more Arizona picture for the road.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The "Goldout."

How many Dawg fans would you say this is?

It's like the jelly bean in a jar game.

Arizona State: Fun with pictures

If this isn't funny, please blame dehydration...

Is "Goldout" ASU code for "leave halfway through the 4th quarter when you're down by 14?

Arizona State's greatest athletic achievement to date.

I stand corrected.

This was a popular look. Can someone tell me why tank tops would be popular in a desert?

We have a law 1 violation, two weeks in a row.

Consider it brought

From The Banner Herald:

Arizona State (2-2) was held to just four yards rushing on 19 carries, its lowest output since it had minus-two against California on Nov. 9, 2002.

A young Matt Stafford celebrates in the 4th quarter.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I do not like it here

Three hours doesn't sound like a big time difference. Until you look up and the moon's out at 9 in the morning.

And the water saps out of your body before you notice it. I can see how a trip out west can affect the little things you have to do right to win.

I've got a bad feeling in my stomach, and it's not just the nasty water here.

UPDATE: A commercial for the game just came on. Knowshon Moreno made me feel better.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Apparently, ASU wants to have a "gold out" against us this weekend.

Good call. Since that will make the fact that there are 15,000 Georgia fans in your stadium stand out more, and since Georgia teams have so many problems facing teams in yellow.

The Lucid Idiocy Arizona State preview

Going into the season I had this game circled with the word "crush" written under it in marker.

Now I'm not so sure. Losing to UNLV could collapse ASU's season, which was my plan for this weekend, or it could turn them into a cornered, frightened, wounded animal.

Bottom line: We should have the horses for this one, but I just don't know.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Darius Dewberry: Actual Dewberries

I think this thread has been making the email rounds. It's pretty good.

ASU names Georgia look-alikes.

Rennie Curran does kind of favor a Mack truck. And I hope Saturday just confirms their opinions on Dannell Ellerbe.

Monday, September 15, 2008

ASU: Check in with them Wednesdayish

I'm worried about the Arizona State game. And I regret last week's over confidence against a South Carolina team that is probably still defending Williams-Brice Stadium. Against the cleanup staff, or something.

You even can't get into the parking lot against those guys, but since the Columbia fairgrounds suck like hell, no one notices.

If we're what we want to be, perhaps we'll blow up in Tempe. I know it's going to come together this year. I just want to be undefeated when it happens.

Over/under on the number of Georgia fans arrested this weekend: Six. Over under on Georgia fans in attendance at Sun Devil Stadium: 12,500. Place your bets in the comments. Lucid Idiocy prize packs for the winners.

It never hurts to have a map. South Mill Ave. near the park looks good for bars.

A sampling of ASU blogs follows.

Pitchfork Nation:

Bring on 2009, sponsored by Chick-Fil-A.

Nice. Check back when he mentally prepares himself for what is potentially a huge moment for ASU football, if such a thing exists. Anyone who quotes Guns n' Roses and posts this picture can't be that bad.

Devils Blog:
Jeff Metcalfe is reporting that ASU is down to three candidates for its head coaching position, and that an announcement will be made in the next two days. The finalists are: Mike Price, Dennis Erickson, and Mike Riley. Please excuse me while I throw up.

And this guy didn't even know about the UNLV thing. Last post: Dec. 8, 2006.

Not to be confused with "the shocker." I think. Image: Arizona State Athletics.

"Sun of Sparky":
Let me start by apologizing for not updating this blog as regularly as I should. I started an MBA program in early January and it has taken more of my time than I anticipated. I did get the chance to attend the USC game in person yesterday. We were in line at the box office to purchase tickets when a kindly ASU fan handed me 2 tickets that he couldn’t use. Thank you, unknown ASU fan for saving me 50 bucks and for obeying Sun Devil Law #4: no ticket goes unused.

Good $%^$ing shit. We have a name for this in Georgia: Georgia tech. And I'm pretty sure the tickets sitting in the box office went unused.

House of Sparky:
I didn't think it could ever happen. I was 100% certain we would be 3-0 next week, taking on Georgia in a battle of conference supremacy.

He also referred to the UNLV game as "UNLV @ ASU, or 'The Week Before Georgia...'"

Funny how you overlook a game for a week, then spend Monday dwelling on it, huh?

Pitchfork Nation, there's just no telling what will happen on the field this week. But one thing is for certain, and it'll start happening Thursday night.

Georgia fans, should you need to contact Arizona State University President Michael M. Crow during your trip, his staff is listed here.

The number to the mayor's office in Tempe is listed here.

Arizona Sen. John McCain can be best reached through his campaign staff, I would think. Be prepared for it to take a while for him to return that call.

Finally, "302 miles" is the answer.

A Red and Black swarm to Tempe

I saw that Terrence Moore at The AJC said Sun Devil stadium would be like an SEC stadium.

I'm not aware of any SEC locales you can call as an opponent and buy seven sets of season tickets for $700.

You want it? You got it. Image: The Internet, via Martians Attacking Indianapolis, via Hey Jenny Slater.

Memo to ASU: Overconfidence works better when you don't lose to UNLV. From some paper I've never heard of:
No slight to next week's opponent, Nevada-Las Vegas, but Arizona State's 41-17 win over Stanford on Saturday removed the last real obstacle to a showdown with the nation's No. 2 team two weeks from now.

You know it, I know it and the ASU student section knew it as it held up dozens of "Bring on Georgia" signs early in the fourth quarter.

I'm glad to know Chick-fil-A has a presence in Tempe. Chicken biscuits go well with destroying you.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

One vote's a landslide

Another typical South Carolina game. Why do I keep thinking we'll outgrow that?

The o-line looked rough, the pass rush is a major concern, Stafford missed some reads, we dropped a ton of passes... basically it's going to be hard to win that National Title without getting a lot better.

So, if the coaching staff could get on that, that'd be great.

They did last year. In related news, Ford truck sales in Georgia shot through the roof today.

Friday, September 12, 2008

ESPN to feature Knowshon Saturday

Dear ESPN:
Apology accepted.
The Georgia fanbase

p.s. Corso can still suck it.

From Coach Richt's blog: A short feature on Knowshon is going to be part of the ESPN's Gameday this Saturday. It will most likely appear between 10 and 11 a.m. ET.

Hat tip to Georgia Sports Blog, of course.

Buster Mott

"The 50 Greatest Plays in Georgia Football History" introduced me to a Bulldog I'd never heard of. Play No. 18, Buster Mott:

Buster Mott was an offensive and defensive back, who still holds the third longest kickoff return for a touchdown in school history at 97 yards. He played for Harry Mehre's Bulldog teams in 1930 and 1931, playing in front of 63,000 in Yankee Stadium in November of 1931. Mott's kick return toughdown was the difference in the Dogs 7-6 victory over New York.

The 5' 8", 193 pound back also played two seasons in the NFL. He was born in 1909.

Remarkably, he scored touchdowns the first two times he touched the football in his college career, against Oglethorpe University in 1930. One as a back on a 60-yard run, and another on an interception and 51-yard return.

Homer Key, Buster Mott, Spurgeon Chandler and Austin Downes. Image: Hargrett Library, UGA, via "The 50 Greatest Plays in Georgia Bulldogs Football History."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

But it does sound about right

Chris at 7th Year Senior shot a video from the first two tailgates and the games. I'll let you visit his blog to see it.

But I do want to note that the video YouTube seems to associate most closely with the tailgating video is called Felix the Cat in "Neptune Nonsense."

Not sure how he accomplished that.


Man, I hate it when people add "gate" to stuff. It was the name of the hotel.

David Hale links to several stories about ESPN's failure to include our Heisman Candidate running back jumping over a dude on Saturday. Including pieces on Deadspin and Total UGA.

And then there's this post from The Dawgvent, allegedly written by ESPN anchor Scott Van Pelt:
I work at ESPN...I talk about sports on the tv and the radio...in fact, I was hosting s/c the other night when we didn't show the Knowshon jump. I had the highlight and I can remember thinking...I wonder why we didn't show it because that was bonkers. However, what the highlight DID show, was Knowshon stiff arm some poor guy to death and run 52 yards for a score where he had to dive for the pylon. It was his longest run for a score on the day - so it's not as if there was some sort of conspiracy to slight Knowshon or the 'dogs.

In our meeting, I suggested we ought to do an on camera lead in to the game explaining that smashing CMU was more significant than casual fans might know. So....there's that. I know every fan base is convinced that "ESPN hates us" - particularly yours. But it's not the case. At least not this guy.

I'm not saying ESPN hates the Dawgs. I think they've given us some good love over the years. But they displayed some pretty significant incompetence in not showing an amazing highlight, and in absolutely burying our highlights package on Saturday.

And I want to hear an apology. Because I'm petty.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank you, rest of the world

Rivals' story on The Knowshon Moreno Highlight Controversy is the top story on Yahoo! right now.

It's the same piece based out of Richt's teleconference, but surely we're going to hear, eventually, about this from Herbstreit, Corso, Fowler or some other top personality or official at ESPN.

What I would call the "main" YouTube of the highlight is up to more than 133,000 views.

UPDATE: Something I just said: "Baby, what is it about bourbon you think makes me forget where I put it?"

UPDATE 2: A buddy of mine, a huge Dawg fan who already has plans to go to Arizona State and Jacksonville, is facing the prospect of extended jury duty soon. Jury selection alone could take weeks, the judge said.

The idea of him being sequestered during The Historic Season of 2008 is just tragic enough to be hilarious. Said Silver*:
This one's gonna be a dozy either way. Either with me threatening a superior court judge, or missing the greatest football season of our time, when our running back is hurtling men.

*Due to Lucid Idiocy policy of changing some people's names to the school colors, this name has been changed to one of the school's colors.

Football timeout: Rock n' Roll biographies

These showed up at my house today:

Red and black: basically you're best color scheme.

I often read the last lines first. Clapton:
Music will always find us, with or without business, politics, religion, or any other bullshit attached. Music survives everything, and like God, it is always present. It needs no help, and suffers no hindrance. It has always found me, and with God's blessing and permission, it always will.

He also thanks a woman named Nici for transcribing his manuscript, which leads me to believe that, like all great works, Mr. Clapton's autobiography was handwritten.

Football timeout: Super collider edition

Newsweek calls it "history's biggest and most expensive experiment," making the Large Hadron Collider possibly worth paying attention to during football season. After all, it's not like we play a good team this week.

To that end, you can find plenty of news coverage out there about tomorrow's switch on of the collider, it's search for the "God Particle," the secrets of the universe, an explanation of dark matter and the unlikely sequence of events that may lead to the end of the world through the creation of a black hole at roughly 3:30 p.m. eastern time Wednesday.

Wouldn't that be the way, too? A science project destroying the fabric of space time just as we're poised to make a real run at a National Title.

But I think the way to go, if you're interested in this thing, is to watch this rap video.

Hadron Collider: The perfect option.

Lame. The Times reports they will turn it on tomorrow, but won't be colliding stuff for a couple of weeks, and won't hit full power for a month or more.

Monday, September 8, 2008

South Carolina in Columbia

I don't know, now that they've lost an SEC game, does that make South Carolina less dangerous, or more dangerous?

Nothing burns like an effigy. Except for a bourbon-filled effigy. Those go up like gasoline. Also, gasoline burns like an effigy.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Through our T.V. critic here at the paper, Phillip Ramati, I got a sneak peak of the new season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which starts its fourth season Sept. 18, at 10 p.m., on FX.

The following things are covered in the first episode: Cannibalism, racism, alcoholism, hunting humans for sport, tea-bagging, gorilla-facing, tapeworms and eating the homeless.

It's a complicated humor.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Knowshon Moreno is super human

What else can you say? Two games, 26 carries, 227 yards and six touchdowns. He's just a special player.

Attention ESPN: This happened Saturday.
Image: Georgiadogs.com

Another picture of the leap, this one from my paper, The Macon Telegraph.

UPDATE: The question on everybody's lips. Coach Richt, via David Hale:
Anyway, having said all of that, Richt was asked what he thought about Knowshon's hurdle not making it onto "SportsCenter." Here's what he said:

"I think they missed the boat or didn't do their homework or whatever. I don't know how they couldn't have noticed that. It's going to make our highlights for a long time."

At that point, an ESPN reporter chimed in to say that FOX controlled the broadcast for the game and did not send that highlight to ESPN as part of their satellite package.

Then, not surprisingly, a FOX reporter said ESPN could easily have gotten the highlight if they wanted it.

So Richt's conclusion: "I guess they're both under the bus, then."

Coach Richt is all class. But I'd suggest a public apology if the GameDay crew has any thought of coming to Athens.

I don't know about you, but I f^#$ing love holding grudges.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Brett probably has his own mountain. A few announcements.

You need a moment sometimes to discuss things not Rennie Curran related.

Widespread Panic
will play two New Year's Eve shows in Denver, Colorado, not Atlanta, Georgia, this year. At the Pepsi Center, of course. Liberal.

At our tailgate last weekend a friend of mine was wearing a silver dress. She said "I'm bringing it back." I believe her.

Scarlett Johansson. Stolen from the Internet, because sometimes your friends don't like you randomly posting pictures of them to the Internet.

Approximate time South Carolina's hopes were crushed (2008 occurance): 11:44 p.m., September 4.

I bought a $7.99 bottle of after shave lotion today with "natural MICRO Tec." That doesn't sound natural.

Central Michigan's Josh Gordy can suck it.

Finally, there might be a Mohs sighting this weekend. Perhaps not surprisingly, it is hurricane dependent.

Also kind of silver. Mohs, The General, Petersen, Fain?
Image: Ryan Mohs.

How can you hate a Chippewa if you don't know what it is?

Well, some people just hate Michigan...

Chippewa apppears to be an American Indian tribe, as well as a county in "Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula." This is the part of Michigan that, if you hold up your hand, is somewhere above your hand across a big lake.

From the repository of all human knowledge:

The Ojibwa or Chippewa (also Ojibwe, Ojibway, Chippeway) is the largest group of Native Americans-First Nations north of Mexico, including M├ętis. They are the third largest in the United States, surpassed only by Cherokee and Navajo. They are equally divided between the United States and Canada. Because they were formerly located mainly around Sault Ste. Marie, at the outlet of Lake Superior, the French referred to them as Saulteurs. Ojibwa who subsequently moved to the prairie provinces of Canada have retained the name Saulteaux. Ojibwa who were originally located about the Mississagi River and made their way to southern Ontario are known as the Mississaugas.
Clear as a bell. They also make boots.

Named for a county on a lake across from Canada. That's "Michigan Brilliant."

Coach Richt.com

Coach Mark Richt now has a Web site. Though pretty awesome, it appears to be run by the folks who handle Fox's NFL football graphics.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This just in: UGA cheerleaders A-OK.

Take a closer look at this picture, from The Athens Banner Herald. There's one cheerleader who's not looking at the camera, but is staring at Uga VII like she's thinking it's love again.

Click on the picture to make it larger, idiot.

Marilyn, I'm sorry, but I now love this girl.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Gameday newspapering: Dangerous

Woody Marshall, the photo chief here at The Macon Telegraph, has a big scar on his face today. Turns out a colision involving Ramarcus Brown and possibly a Georgia Southern player broke one of The Telegraph's long lenses in half at the end of a long incomplete pass Saturday. Woody was trying to take a picture of Uga VII at the time.

Woody: "You're not supposed to be able to see that part."

Woody said the prevailing opinion nearby was that he was dead after the collision. He also said Ramarcus seemed very concerned when he came back to check on him after the play. Except for the cut and knot on his upper cheek, he was.

As for the lens; whammies come to us all on Gameday.

Central Michigan, I fear, will fare much worse.