Monday, October 20, 2014

WLOCP: Packing Gator sections with Dawg fans

As Bernie has already noted, absent a friendly fan discount, the cheapest after-market tickets for the Cocktail Party are going to be on the Florida side, which is the eastern side of the stadium this year.

But you don't want to sit with Florida people. So why not target a few key sections, see if we can load those up with Georgia fans?

This is, more or less**, what the stadium looks like in Jacksonville, with our sections colored red:

You can click to enlarge the chart. The sections I've "silvered-in" are Florida sections that are right next to the Georgia sections. If you dig a little on the ticket boards, you can find tickets in these sections.

I recommend clicking on a ticket exchange ad from your favorite Georgia blogger so they get a little bit of the action. I know Bernie has a ticket partner, as does Georgia Sports Blog.

If enough Georgia fans target these sections, you won't have to sit next to Johnny Jean Shorts. He can be a miserable seat mate, even if he's having a sad this year.

I've also silvered-in Florida sections 136 and 236. Those of you looking for 50-yard-line seats, perhaps you can focus there.

All just a humble suggestion. But it would be cool to see entire extra sections of Red and Black come kickoff. Feel free to use the comments section here (you don't have to register or nothin') to coordinate things a bit more, and to let folks know if you find any Florida section where big blocks of tickets are available.

I'm happy to keep things updated as sections turn red, or as big blocks are discovered. For those that don't know, I help run The Dawgbone, so we can put more than Lucid Idiocy's paltry weight behind this if the desire is there.

Go Dawgs. Send Agent Muschamp out to a chorus of barks.

**When I say "more or less," Everbank Field reconfigured things a bit this year, so there are seating charts on online that aren't up to date. I got the UGA sections from our Athletic Association's ticket office. Then I had to add one of the 300 sections myself after a conversation with Everbank Field's ticket office. There's still one section (317) that UGA says is ours, but I can't find on any seating chart. Still, the dividing lines I've shown between our sections and Florida's should be reliable.