Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gym Dawgs: Still unstoppable

This is a joint press release from Georgia senators Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss:
WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., and Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., today praised the Senate’s passage of a resolution they introduced commending the University of Georgia’s gymnastics team for winning the 2009 NCAA national championship.

“These talented and determined women have accomplished a remarkable feat. Their achievements, not only in women’s gymnastics but in all of college athletics, are extraordinary and should be commended,” Isakson said. “It’s also a privilege to recognize the accomplishments of Suzanne Yoculan, who will retire as the most successful collegiate gymnastics coach in NCAA history.”

“It takes a great deal of dedication and sportsmanship to become a powerhouse, especially in college sports,” said Chambliss. “I’m proud of all the Gym Dogs, Suzanne Yoculan and the entire coaching staff, who have played an integral role in the journey to the national championships. I know all Georgians join me in congratulating the team on this tremendous accomplishment.”

On April 17, 2009, the University of Georgia gymnastics team, also known as the Gym Dogs, won the program's 10th national title overall and fifth consecutive national championship.

The Senate resolution recognizes the Gym Dogs as the most successful gymnastics program in the nation and congratulates Suzanne Yoculan for her spectacular career as the University of Georgia’s gymnastics coach.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'd like to make a Tebow joke here, but I'm afraid of him.

A bit of Dreams in 2009, at The Beacon Theater.

Holy crap there is a lot of youtube from that concert. Which included Eric Clapton.

Why Does Love Gotta Be So Sad. Two minute mark. Two minute mark.

My buddy Mike: I'm glad Barack Obama won, but I'm beginning to wonder if he's a dumbass.

Also Mike: I wish they'd take the phrase "tough choices" out of the human language.

It's like I'm sitting here playing cards with my brother's kids
From The Science Times:
The United States has no clear military policy about how the nation might respond to a cyberattack on its communications, financial or power networks, a panel of scientists and policy advisers warned Wednesday, and the country needs to clarify both its offensive capabilities and how it would respond to such attacks.

The report, based on a three-year study by a panel assembled by the National Academy of Sciences, is the first major effort to look at the military use of computer technologies as weapons. The potential use of such technologies offensively has been widely discussed in recent years, and disruptions of communications systems and Web sites have become a standard occurrence in both political and military conflicts since 2000.
Trouble a-brewin.

The new Transformers movie's new trailer... That thing does not suck.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where Bulldog greats went in the draft

I'm pretty freaking excited for Matt Stafford.

2009: Matthew Stafford, 1st round, 1st pick overall, Detroit Lions
2009: Knowshon Moreno, 1st/12th, Denver Broncos
2009: Mohamed Massaquoi, 2nd/50th, Cleveland Browns

Bigger whammy: Stafford to Detroit with up to $78 million or Massaquoi to Cleveland?

From the Georgia Football Media Guide:

2008: Thomas Brown, 6th/172nd, Atlanta Falcons
2007: Charles Johnson, 3rd/83rd, Carolina Panthers
2006: Max Jean-Gilles, 4th/99th, Philadelphia Eagles
2006: D.J. Shockley, 7th, 223rd, Atlanta Falcons

2005: Thomas Davis, 1st/14th, Carolina Panthers
2005: David Pollack, 1st, 17th, Cincinnati Bengals
2005: Odell Thurman, 2nd, 48th, Cincinnati Bengals
2004: Sean Jones, 2nd round, Cleveland Browns
2004: Ben Watson, 1st/32nd, New England Patriots
2003: Tony Gilbert, 6th round, Arizona Cardinals
2003: Boss Bailey, 2nd round, Detroit Lions
2002: Randy McMichael, 4th/114/th, Miami Dolphins
2001: Marcus Stroud, 1st/13th, Jacksonville Jaguars
2001: Richard Seymour, 1st/6th, New England Patriots
1998: Robert Edwards, 1st round, New Englan Patriots
1996: Randall Godfrey, 2nd round, Dallas Cowboys
1996: Brice Hunter, 7th round, Miami Dolphins
1995: Terrell Davis, 6th round, Denver Broncos

1995: Eric Zeier, 3rd round, Cleveland Browns
1993: Garrison Hearst, 1st/3rd, Arizona Cardinals

1989: Richard Tardits, 5th round, Arizona Cardinals
1985: Kevin Butler, 4th round, Chicago Bears
1983: Jimmy Payne, 4th round, Buffalo Bills
1981 Scott Woerner, 3rd round, Atlanta Falcons
1980: Rex Robinson, 6th round, Cincinnati Bengals

1979: Willie McClendon, 3rd round, Chicago Bears
1970: Jake Scott, 7th round, Miami Dolphins
1969: Bill Stanfill, 1st round, Miami Dolphins
1961: Frank Tarkenton, 3rd round, Minnesota Vikings
1961: Pat Dye, 5th round, New England Patriots
1960: Charley Britt, 3rd round, L.A. Rams

1943: Frank Sinkwich, 1st/9th, Detroit Lions

Man, this list is getting long. I have to take a break and listen to Steve Young talk about how great Mark Sanchez is.

Bob Dylan's gramma is at the draft

Yes, as I said before it's really groovy. I'd like to bore you for about six or seven minutes, do a little thing. Yeah. Yeah, excuse me for a minute, just let me play my guitar, right?

"But now the different thing by Bob Dylan. That's his Gramma over there. It's a little thing called Like a Rolling Stone."

ESPN: Stafford to Lions for six years, $72 million

John Clayton reporting, updated as of 12:12 a.m..

First Bulldog to be taken No. 1 overall since The 49ners took receiver Harry Babcock in 1956, according to Tim Tucker of The AJC.

Trippi and Sinkwich were also No. 1 picks, Tucker notes. So was Herschel, really.
Correction: The Georgia media guide says Trippi and Babcock were No. 1 picks, Sinkwich went No. 9 to Detroit in 1943.

Damn sure worth smiling about. Image: Brian Huff.

UPDATE OF... well fact:
Stafford is now the highest-paid player in the history of the NFL. The guaranteed portion of his contract represents a 40 percent increase over the $24 million that San Francisco had to give quarterback Alex Smith in 2005, and a 25 percent increase over what Oakland gave JaMarcus Russell just two years ago.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Or is Stafford just really the second coming of Elway?

If you had to put real money on it, who would you take to have the best professional career out of Georgia's likely draft picks Saturday?

The one most likely to excel at their position.

Now take Knowshon out of it.

Might Brannan Southerland merit consideration?

Draft coverage from David Hale

David Hale, The Telegraph's Bulldog beat writer, is in New York for the draft this weekend. He'll be blogging, writing, twittering, all that action.

He's already got several things up. Follow it from his blog.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Greg Allman: We should play Georgia

Phillip Ramati is a reporter at The Macon Telegraph. While working on a piece on the 4o-year anniversary of The Allman Brothers Band, he asked Gregg Allman whether The Allman Brothers Band would make it back to Macon this year to celebrate the anniversary.

Said Mr. Allman:
"We damn sure should. We need to play at (City Auditorium).We really need to get back to Macon. Mama can cater the whole thing."

There's an awful lot of open space in September and October of The Brothers impending tour schedule with Widespread Panic.

Dude, the Falcons traded for Tony Gonzalez

Per The AJC. Gave up a second round pick for the 10-time Pro Bowler. That could be sweet.

I predict Stafford and Moreno will rock the draft. And that Thomas Dimitroff has another awesome draft and makes sure people know how to spell his name.

Bradley: Since the 2008 draft was completed, 2009 had been earmarked for defense.

And David Hale is in New Jersey with Knowshon, then he's heading to New York for the draft.

History, digitized

A partnership of various libraries from around the world, including the U.S. Library of Congress, has put together something called the World Digital Library.

It appears to be in its infancy stages, but includes digital versions of some of mankind's earliest writings, as well as old maps, historic pictures and works of art.

Abraham Lincoln cannot be photographed. Click to enlarge.

Allan Pinkerton, President Abraham Lincoln and Major General John A. McClernand at Sharpsburg/Antietam.

You should also go see this map, made in 1554.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Godspeed to the 48th

Macon holds parade for departing Georgia National Guard 48th Brigade.

Image: Woody Marshall, The Macon Telegraph.

Said Gov. Perdue, at the event:
“This is worrisome. They are defending America, defending Georgia. It’s a sad (feeling), but it’s always sad. That’s the price of freedom. They hadn’t signed up to be professional warriors when they first joined, but they are ... doing whatever it takes for us to be free.”

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We cannot stumble when we are on our knees

- A church sign I saw this weekend, somewhere between Athens and Macon.
It's summer. Spring practice has ended. Is there any way we can get Tony Cole some more eligibility so he can just take all our lumps for us?
Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach on how difficult it is to control a bunch of college kids all summer long: "If you've got 130 church choir members, you know, somebody's up to something."
How are holograms made?

Apparently, with a laser.
If you're one of the 5 people who haven't seen the Susan Boyle video from that British American Idol show, well here it is:

"I've never been given the chance before, but here's hoping that will change."
Clemson: The most famous thing about us is a rock someone brought back from California.

In other news, I briefly visited Clemson, S.C., last weekend.
Bruce Springsteen and Axyl Rose singing a Beatles song:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gym Dawgs: Dominant

What else can you say? The first university gymnastics program to win 10 National Titles. Five National Titles in a row. Head Coach Suzanne Yoculan retires as the best there ever was.

If you wanted to tell people what the most nearly perfect thing about Athens and the University of Georgia is, I think "The women" would be a fair answer.

And what are the Gym Dawgs, but the most amazing embodiment?

You simply cannot overstate what a bad-ass treasure the Gym Dawgs are to the University of Georgia.

How should the applause ever end?
Image: Knoef Brothers,

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Plan B: A reality show where he gets beaten to death in prison

Still, I'd watch this thing at least once. From The Chicago Tribune:
(Indicted Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich) has agreed to appear on "I'm a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here," a survival-style reality show set to air beginning June 1 on NBC, the network confirmed. The opportunity could prove a bonanza for the financially pressed former governor, given the show would pay him $80,000 a week, a source said.

Before he can ink the deal, however, Blagojevich would need permission from the federal judge presiding over his corruption trial to fly to Costa Rica, where the show will be filmed. Blagojevich's attorney told the judge Tuesday that the ex-governor soon would be making a request to loosen travel restrictions placed on him as part of his bail.
In a related story, if you're a federal judge looking to be accosted by an angry Chicago mob, have I got an opportunity for you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Facebook is the new newspaper."

- NBA Commissioner David Stern, to Dan Patrick today.

I think he was kidding. Still, it hits a little too close to the truth for this newspaper reporter. Perhaps, if I watched the NBA, I would boycott.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Alumni flag football game Saturday: Here are the players

The University has set up a flag football game for former Bulldog players, starting at 11:15 a.m. Saturday before the spring game.

The communications staff at Butts-Mehre was kind enough to email a list of the players.

The teams are named "Mack" and "Jack" after coaches Mack Guest and Jack Davis (not the artist), according to Mike Mobley in the communications department. Both are letter winners who live in Athens, Mobley said.


Sanford Stadium opens at 10:30 a.m. Bring canned goods.

JACK Arnold Amp WR 1977-80 82
JACK Bailey Derrick DL 1991 98
JACK Bailey Kenneth RB 2000-2003 15
JACK Bailey Ron
JACK Beall Jeremiah DB/ WR 1997 49
JACK Beasley Rusty DB 1985-88 20
JACK Callaway Tim DG, DT, DE 1967-68-69 69
JACK Camp Drew WR/DB 1998 95
JACK Clemens Foots LB 1952-54 45
JACK Cushenberry Tony OL/ LB 1954-56 61
JACK Davis Jack OL 1965-66 53
JACK Gilbert Freddie
JACK Goodman Adrian LB 1995-98 37
JACK Horton Dwight DE 1957 84
JACK Huggins Ronnie LB 1967-69 43
JACK Jackson Al CB 1989-92 2
JACK Jones Burt WR, FS 1999-2002 29
JACK Junior Charles WR/TE 1980-82 80
JACK Krauth Charles WR, DB 2006 48
JACK Lady Chris OL 2004 65
JACK Lokey Tom TRAINER 1967-68 13
JACK Lyles Justin DL 2007 71
JACK McCormick Matt LB 1988-89 49
JACK McCullough Jim HEART SURGERY 1967-69 36
JACK McGill Curt OL/TE 1998-2001 54
JACK McKnight David LB 1972-74 96
JACK Milam Ed Safety
JACK Miller Brandon DL 1995-99 51
JACK Montgomery Bill RB, WR, QB 1991-94 13
JACK Mosteller Pud OL 1953-56 70
JACK Mull Curt OL 1987-89 50
JACK Roberson Terry DL 1987 73
JACK Sam David MANAGER 1977-79 39
JACK Saye Bill OL 1953-55 59
JACK Schnetzer Ryan 2003-05 52
JACK Sills Bruce 1997-98 56
JACK Smith Vernon OL 1972-74 59
JACK Tanner Russ 2002-05
JACK Towns Kirby WR 2000-02 38
JACK Veal Ken DE, TE 2000-03 96
JACK Watt Josh TE 1975 85
JACK Wilson Christopher WR/DB 1989-92 88
MACK Adams Scott OL 1985-88 75
MACK Anderson Shelly WR 1987-88 61
MACK Brown Larry DL 1984-87 72
MACK Brown Michael DB 1985-87 49
MACK Burroughs Mack OL 1984-87 69
MACK Christianson David WR 1972, 74 81
MACK Cole Virgil DL 1988-89 98
MACK Colley Will 1987-89
MACK Comfort Joe QB, DB 1955-57 18
MACK Conn Dick WR/QB/DB 1971-73 22
MACK Curry Kentrell DB 2000-03 4
MACK Dooley Daniel
MACK Frix Mitch WR 1981-82 54
MACK Goodwin Robert DE, TE 1977-79 99
MACK Guest Jud MANAGER 1980-81-82-83
MACK Guest Mack OL 1976-78 75
MACK Harris Keith LB 1971-74 45
MACK Harris Derrick QB 1988 2
MACK Helms Ken OL 1974-76 53
MACK Hester Joey QB/P 1986-89 1
MACK Hickey Jim TE, DE 1986-87 90
MACK Honeycutt Robert FB 1970-72 44
MACK Hooten Jake OL/DL/TE 2004 63
MACK Johnson Andy
MACK Jones Spike
MACK Koehler Bill OL/DL 2004 68
MACK Leusenring Dan OL 1980 53
MACK McCullough Bill K 1962-63 85
MACK O'Leary Bill 1984-85 33
MACK Osbolt Terry DL 1966-68 94
MACK Pascale D.J. OL 1977 79
MACK Reider Ric QB, DL 1973-74 58
MACK Ridlehuber Preston QB 1963-65 12
MACK Rivas Sean DB/ WR 2003 27
MACK Smaha Jiggy LB 1967 50
MACK Smith John WR 1972 8
MACK Snellings Paul 1994-98 96
MACK Stephens Kim 1984-87
MACK Story Al QB, WR, DB 1991 17
MACK Tanner Jody MANAGER 1980, 81,82,83
MACK Tarrer Harold LB 1965-69 55
MACK Vollrath Tyger WR 1992 83
MACK Waters Gregory DE 1983-84-85 59
MACK Weeks David OL 1992-95 55
MACK Wilson Buck DE, DB 1957 16
Poss Bobby ANNOUNCER 1969-71
Due to blog policy on defensive linemen, Lucid Idiocy is most excited about seeing Freddie Gilbert in action.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Mark Fox: Georgia tie, good resume, right attitude.

You know how, before spring practice began, we were all a little excited about Joe Cox taking over at quarterback because he was "saying all the right things?"

Enter Mark Fox, per The Macon Telegraph:
"I can remember a conversation with a search firm a few years ago and I declined a chance to pursue a job," Fox said. "The gentleman asked why, and I said, 'It's not like it's Georgia."
And this is from Damon Evans, answering a question that probably began "Mark Fox? Who the hell is that?"
"We made a commitment that we were going to go through this and not rush to judgment on any particular candidate until we went through the entire process," Evans said. "Once we finished that process, Mark just stuck in my mind, and sometimes you just go with that gut feeling."
Good enough for me. Now go recruit Atlanta.