Saturday, April 21, 2012

Aaron Murray is our best qb, idiot

In which I take some of the dumber thoughts emanating from Bill King's readers and respond to them as if this were my own "fan talk."

I know there’s a segment of Bulldogs fandom that’s very down on Murray and convinced that Mark Richt and Mike Bobo are blindly letting him hold on to the starting quarterback’s job despite the obvious talents of backups Hutson Mason and Christian LeMay. Some folks even believe there’s some sort of “conspiracy” to keep Murray in a job he doesn’t deserve.

Let me stop you right there, Bill. Those people are morons. They should be deprived of water, oxygen and seats in Sanford Stadium. All three are too valuable to waste.

Billkingisatroll: Anyone who thinks bill king’s articles are insightful or interesting are probably as trollish as he is- George, Blindog. Are ur also bearded trolls?

Pay close attention, idiot, because I'm going to get into subjects you're probably not comfortable with. The first is math. As of now, there are 38 comments on this particular Bill King post. You made five of them. That's more than 13 percent. Second: Have you ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? Or subject-verb agreement? Reconsider your life.

Stephen A.Dogg: Still no real changes for UGA in 2012. Nothing has changed but a few names on and off the roster.

Holy shit. You are too dumb to breath.

gadawgs: In my opinion Mason or LeMay could put up those kind of numbers right now and they would atleast have an excuse due to experience and so forth. Murray has no excuse. I have been off the Murray train for the past two years telling my fellow Dawg fans such.

Let's set aside the fact that you haven't seen a single UGA practice and are basing your opinion on Mason and LeMay on ... nothing, more or less. You've been "off the Murray train" for two years? So, since the spring of 2010? When he hadn't played a down of college football? When he would still, by your logic, "have an excuse due to experience and so forth?" Please have a fifth grader in remedial English read your comments before posting. You'll learn something.

Game Changer: WHY IS MARK RICHT PROTECTING MURRAY AND NOT PROMOTING COMPETITION? This question has still not been answered, Murray stats actually suck. Take away touchdown passes, he is terrible. Aaron Murray would not start at any school in the SEC East other than Georgia. Just the facts.

Congratulations. You are king of the morons.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Every jump of the General Lee

Someone put together a video of all the jumps from Dukes of Hazard, seasons 1-6.

It's only half as impressive as that shot General Lee owner, and UGA man, Bubba Watson hit out of the woods yesterda to win The Masters, but it's still pretty cool.