Sunday, October 21, 2012

You want to impress me? Beat Florida.

Until then, I feel like this: How did we ever win six?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I come neither to bury Richt, nor defend him

Only to ask a hypothetical question:

If David Greene throws that pass just a little lower versus Florida in 2002 (or Terrence Edwards times things just a little better and catches it), and the Dawgs play for the National Title that year instead of Ohio State or Miami ...

and ...

Matthew Stafford hits that wheel route versus South Carolina in 2007, and a Dawgs team firing on all cylinders gets to the SEC Title game against LSU, despite a ridiculous loss to Tennessee (and maybe plays Ohio State, again, for a National Title) ...

how does that change our conversations today, and in the recent past, concerning Coach Richt and the state of our program?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

To the players whose homes were egged

"I don't believe you. You're a liar. Play fucking loud."

It must be distinctly depressing to come home after getting your butt kicked and find your house egged and rolled, presumably by angry Dawg fans expressing their disappointment with you for sucking.

I'm not sure who all's houses got hit, but Christian Robinson said his did, and if memory serves me, Aaron Murray is one of his roommates. I hope some of your teammates came by to help clean up, or better yet, all of your teammates and a bunch of fans as well.

Because we are, most assuredly, all in this together. But only if we will be.

There are a few responses to something like this. We need focus on only one.

Start about the 50 second mark.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pathetic, or something like it

With apologies to Kenny Rogers, Merle Haggard and pretty much every Dawg fan who had to watch that game.

Initially my one and only thought about this game was "pathetic." But somewhere between the sorriness of the third quarter and the inevitability of the fourth, I began to grasp a sense of nuance about a game that surely marks one of the true low points, from a single-game point of view, of the Richt era.

Tonight was 2008 Alabama bad, without the second half attempted comeback. The better team - the better team by a wide margin - won. But we played poorly.

Our offensive line looked like we should have expected at the start of the season. Our defense is inexplicably mediocre. Aaron Murray is getting harder to defend against the people who say he can't win the big games. I'm not one to bash play calling, but running out of the shotgun against one of the nation's most athletic fronts, on the goal line and elsewhere, strikes me as stupid.

So all around a fairly sorry game, not so much in effort (although the fourth quarter made me question that as well), but in execution.

Long season still to go. Still a good chance South Carolina takes a couple of losses in SEC play. We have a week off. Then Kentucky. Then we damn well better beat Florida, or you can start hoping about 2013.

What we had here tonight was a two-Merle-Haggard song loss. Wake up, Bulldogs. In hindsight, you were bound to lose tonight against a good South Carolina team that came out loaded for bear and ready to go. But you also played like shit. I'd prefer you learn, one of these days, to play like champions.