Sunday, October 20, 2013

Coaches teach execution, right?

This is just ridiculous:
Those kind of miscues—along with the high snap on the punt and giving up a fake field goal—again bring up the issue of whether Georgia should have a special teams coordinator. 
“Whether you have a special teams coordinator or not, you’ve got to field the punt, you’ve got to snap the ball, you’ve got to catch the snap,” Richt said. “What does that have to do with whether you’ve got a special teams coordinator or not? It’s just things we’ve got to be able to execute, the basic fundamentals of it. Those guys are very capable and I do have faith that we can get the job done. We’ve got the ability, we’ve just got to be consistent in that way.”
Why have a quarterback coach? I mean, it's just a matter of Aaron Murray executing, and he's very capable. Why have a wide receivers coach? What, is he going to to teach them to have four hands?

For that matter, why have a head coach? Do we need a coaching staff at all? Just think what the athletic association's reserve fund would look like if you cut all those salaries.

You don't think we need one? Fine. But don't act like it doesn't make sense to ask.

A hard rain did a-gonna fall

Consider the preseason question answered.