Friday, December 31, 2010

UCF 10, Georgia 6

Don't worry, I'm sure promoting Joe Tereshinski II and eight months passing is going to be the answer.

T. Brown to join S&C staff? Sounds good.

Considering that Thomas Brown is probably, pound for pound, the strongest man ever to play football for the University of Georgia, this sounds like a good hire to me.

From Kelin Johnson:
Effective January 1st, one of Georgia’s greatest running backs, Thomas Brown, will be rejoining the UGAfamily once again; not on the field, but in the weight room, on Joe Tereshinski’s strength and conditioning staff.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Next year, and a decade beyond

It didn't exactly come out of left field, but I'm fairly staggered by the fact that we're adding a home-home series with Ohio State ... starting in 2020. Now that is planning ahead, and you have to think that the likelihood that UGA and Ohio State will have different coaching staffs by then is pretty high, just on the odds.

Equally staggering,
given their production this year, is the number of junior offensive linemen we have considering a jump to the NFL. These guys are highly rated by the scouts, and given the respect O-line Coach Stacy Searels enjoys, it's hard not to see this as another indictment of our strength and conditioning program.

Finally, given his combination of speed and demonstrated tackling ability, I think I'm on board if Branden Smith moves to offense full time.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Watching Tech die by the option: Priceless

Cost of Advocare supplements, like Drew Brees uses, unknown. Cost of going into business selling Advocare products, as Brees' commercials suggest you do: Your pride.

Drew Brees is fucking serious about these pills.

All is right with the world. If the Falcons beat the Saints tonight and clinch the NFC South that's awful good for a Monday.

If you did not see Drew Brees' new round of Advocare commercials during Georgia tech's loss to Air Force in the Advocare We Build Champions, ask Drew Brees Bowl, I am sorry. Drew Brees thinks you should use and sell these fine products.

I'm glad that Georgia Tech quarterback Tevin Washington was able to get up and leave the field after he got rung up at the end of the game's final meaningful play, on which he threw an interception. Hopefully he'll be just fine.

In the last two years, we're 1-0 in the Advocare Bowl, and Georgia Tech is 0-1.

Finally this holiday season, what happened to ESPN's "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" bowl game commercials? If they're phasing that out their killing a classic. Speaking of which, this is what I found that did have that song it.

Awesome, and not safe for work.

That Boise game is win-win

The more I contemplate next year's season opener in The Dome against Boise State, the more I see it as a stroke of genius from Greg McGarity.

From The Senator:
I still expect the Broncos to come into that game as the higher ranked team. They should be a good measuring stick for Georgia. Not to mention that we’ll get to see Aaron Murray going head-to-head with a Heisman Trophy candidate in (Kellen) Moore. A big game in that setting and he could start getting a lot of national hype himself.
update from the comments:
Don't forget that for the first time in who knows how long...UGA will get the same amount of prep days for South Carolina. The Coots have been opening on Thursday for more than a few years now in order to get more time to prepare for UGA.
Editor's note: I've never heard anyone call South Carolina "the coots," and don't have any idea what that means. But it doesn't seem to be racist, so for the record, I like it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

$85 biplane ride: A four-winged Christmas

I don't want to turn into a schill, but $85 for a sight-seeing plane ride around Atlanta is a pretty good last-minute Christmas gift.

Available for purchase through Dec. 28, then schedule an appointment for the flight.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Scheduling philosophies: McGarity targets Big 10

“I think over the long haul if you really looked at the schedules of teams that advanced from BCS conferences, they’re playing schedules that probably have one difficult non-conference opponent. Then maybe every now and then have one other difficult game. Now granted maybe the games aren’t as exciting, but at the end of the day if you’re trying to make it to Atlanta, you wanna create the best schedule that allows you to get to Atlanta.”

- Georgia AD Greg McGarity in September, The Macon Telegraph.
Since I believe Greg McGarity to be a man of his word, now as well as in September, and since he told Dawgs 247 this week that he's working to schedule "a home-and-home with a Big Ten or Midwestern school that has a rich tradition," and that Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Notre Dame have all been contacted, I can only reach one of two conclusions:
  1. He thinks the Big 10 and Notre Dame both suck.
  2. He thinks Georgia tech is about to suck even worse.
I concur. But maybe let's not add Ohio State.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

L.I. endorsed: The Cheddar Bo Biscuit

Those of you who've never been to eastern North Carolina are missing out on one of the world's great culinary wonders: The Cheddar Bo Biscuit from Bojangles.

It's just a biscuit made with cheddar cheese, but it is freaking fantastic. It's kind of like the cheese biscuits at Red Lobster, except with less garlic, a little more butter and I'd guess about 70 times more cheese. It looks like this:

**You can't get Cheddar Bo's west of Clinton, N.C. Believe me, I've tried.

This is because only franchises owned by Tands Inc. carry them.

The cheese biscuit is an eastern North Carolina delicacy, and pretty much unique to the region, at least in this part of the United States. I've had amazing cheese biscuits in gas stations and other quality establishments in several cities, and can tell you the Cheddar Bo is not the best cheese biscuit ever made, but it is consistent, available nearly 50 places and unstoppable.

A few weeks ago I was out with my fiancee, and we got to talking about what we'd like to name our children, should we be so blessed. I suggested that, if we have a boy, we name him "Cheddar Bo."

So ... yeah. Because Lucid Idiocy strives to provide utility, I contacted Bojangles' corporate office in Charlotte, then Tands Inc. in Kinston. They gave me a list of restaurant addresses where the Cheddar Bo Biscuit is available. And I give you the Cheddar Bo Biscuit locator map.

I suggest that, the next time you're cruising up I-95 through North Carolina and Virginia, you make time for a stop at Bojangles.

By the way, I made this map using MapAList, which I also endorse. I don't think you can turn a list of addresses into a Google map straight up, but MapAList made it easy.

**Update: There are a couple of reports of Cheddar Bo sightings west of Clinton in the comments. I don't doubt them, but I haven't confirmed them. A buddy of mine says you can get a Cheddar Bo in Athens, Georgia, now, and my brother says they're available at one Bojangles in Northwest metro Atlanta.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Auburn University: "incredibly well read"

The Register Guard, a newspaper in Eugene, Ore., ran a piece this weekend to try to explain Auburn to area Oregonians. They interviewed a local author who went to Auburn and based quite a bit of the article on her.
“People are incredibly well read," she told the paper. "I don’t associate rednecks with Auburn in any way.”

Would Will Muschamp leave Florida for Georgia?

Probably not.

Still, if this is an A-Teamesque plan to destroy Florida, kudos.

Like Blutarsky, this hire doesn't scare me any more today than it did yesterday. I'd like to believe it represents the rare chink Jeremy Foley's armor. He is our real enemy.

Update: Answering a tech fan's question - yes, I absolutely see this line from Muschamp's official statement as a direct and purposeful message to the University of Georgia:
"I wouldn't have left for any other job."

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Muschamp to Florida? OK, Mother (deleted)

I gotta tell you, I think the University of Georgia could have done a lot worse than Will Muschamp to Florida.

The Dawgs against Muschamp defenses:
2003 at LSU: 10-17
2004 in Athens: 45-16
2006 at Auburn: 37-15
2007 at Auburn: 45-20
You can't see this as worse than Urban Meyer, but only time will tell whether this will be part of a mojo shift in Jacksonville.

Update: Just for context on my general prognostication powers, this is what I predicted during the preseason this year. To summarize, I wasn't scared of Auburn.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

EDSBS: Charlie Strong won't leave Louisville

I see Spencer doesn't think there's much chance Charlie Strong will be next head coach at the University of Florida. I hope he's right.

As a Georgia fan, I'm sure I should be scared of anyone Florida hires. But Charlie Strong is the only name that strikes fear in my football heart.

Dear Florida, please hire Bobby Petrino. We need the karma shift.

L.I. endorsed: Groupon

I've never been a believer in coupons, but my wonderful wife-to-be got me interested in Groupon a while back, and I think it's worth your time. You sign up and they email you once a day with a deal in your area, usually half off or more.

You end up learning about places you'd never heard of. The last two months we got a cheap membership to one of those indoor rock climbing gyms, half off tours at a local brewery, and a state-required emissions inspection for half price. Next month I'm taking an hour long helicopter lesson for $90.

Consider it. I get some kind of commission if you click the ad below and sign up ... or maybe if you buy something. I don't really know, and I'm sure it's pennies. But I recommend this product. Plus, they told google to stick it last week, so they've got that going for them.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Urban Meyer and Erin Andrews: Is that allowed?

Within the media explosion that followed Urban Meyer's resignation I was struck by comments ESPN's Erin Andrews apparently made to a sports columnist in Pennsylvania:
During her "peephole incident" last year in which a man drilled out a lock in her hotel room door and inserted a tiny camera to photograph her, Andrews confided in the Meyer family and leaned on them to get through the ordeal. ...

"He can deal with haters," (Andrews said). "There were times last year when that whole thing happened to me when I called him up crying. And he was the one giving me advice about people like that. He did the same thing for Tim [Tebow]. He gave me some quotes to remember about how to handle that sort of thing. So, I really don't think it's that. The only people in his life that he wanted to please that I know of are Shelly and his three kids.

“But at this point, I haven't talked to Coach or Shelly and I really don't know anything. This came as a complete surprise to me and people I know in the inner circle are shocked."
Not that I look to Andrews for unbiased coverage of the University of Florida, but are you really allowed to do that as an ESPN college football reporter? To call a coach at a major college program, cry, and lean on him for support and advice?

What sort of a relationship is that for a reporter to have with a source?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dawgs over Jackets, 73-72

I don't have a lot to add to that final score. But I did want to express what every Dawg feels when we beat Tech. Sweet. Keep on keeping them down.

And I want to express my optimism about his basketball team. And to move Jesse Palmer's hair-gel-loving ass down a post.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jesse Palmer is out of control

Joe: Look at his hair. I think it's out of control.

Me: It's definitely out of control.

Joe T. II part two

Joe: I don't know. What the hell do I know about strength and conditioning? That being said. It is not as awesome as I had hoped for.

Me: He's been there nearly 30 years. And I agree with Ben Dukes about this:
I doubt the magnifying glass has ever been placed as closesly on an S&C program as it will be for UGA over the next 9 months.

Cam Newton, Auburn in SEC Championship game

I just don't understand what's going on here.

Image: ... disturbing.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Follow us on Twitter

The folks who bring you The Dawgbone which, through an act of kindness in this recession / total death of the newspaper industry, now includes me, run similar sites for every SEC school, as well as several from the ACC.

If you find The Dawgbone useful (and how could you not), let your friends know about the site for their school, please.

We've also got a new twitter account, which will focus on college sports in the southeast. If that's your bag (and how could it not be), please follow us @sndaily.

Beginning of the end at NCAA HQ?

After 12 years in newspapers, I can tell you that this rule of thumb almost never lets you down: When people feel the need to respond to critics with a lengthy clarifying statement like this, someone's going down, and they're not named Cam Newton.

Usually it's the person who put out the statement, but surely NCAA President Mark Emmert, hired in April, is too new for the ax to fall on him. But people who get out-flanked by Cecil Newton shouldn't keep their jobs. And this line, seemingly from Kevin Lennon in the gray sidebar on Emmert's statement, has an air of defensiveness that seldom springs from or engenders job security:
While comparisons may be human nature, they should at least be made based on the facts.
Translation: It's not me, it's all of you. Good luck with that attitude.

As usual, The Senator asks the appropriate questions:
If Emmert thinks the amateurism rules need strengthening, whose fault is that?

... somehow, I’m supposed to believe that Cecil Newton is smart enough to game the system to confound two of the shrewder groups of people on the planet, but not smart enough to profit from it. Does that makes sense to anyone not named Mark Emmert or Mike Slive?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

When in doubt, bring in a Tereshinski

It looks like Coach Richt is parting ways with his long time friend, moving Dave Van Halanger out as strength and conditioning coach. In his place, per Mark Weiszer ... Joe Tereshinski?

A name that inspires confidence, to be sure.

Update, From Seth Emerson:
A former player, who will remain anonymous because the move hasn't been made official, was fully on board with the change: "Coach T is a stud. I'm telling you that is such a great move it ain't even funny."
Let's hope so. By the way, John Kasay Sr. will be the new assistant S&C coach, per both Seth and Mark, meaning we'll have two guys running that program who have sons, with the same names, who played for Georgia.

Yes. True. Perfect. 1,000 times, I agree

Absolutely brilliant.

"It's called buying a Tiger, and you know it ain't right."