Monday, October 15, 2007

Is 5-2 really that bad?

In a word, kinda.

We needed a lucky fumble and a field goal to beat Vanderbilt yesterday, but we did beat them. We need a few miracles to win the SEC, but really don't deserve to. We're rebuilding. It happens.

But let's look at the season a minute. Going in I predicted 8-4 with losses to South Carolina (they were due), Tennessee (they know how to run), Auburn (ditto) and Georgia tech (begrudgingly, ditto).

I think I'll change that now to 8-4 with a prayer, a win over tech and a loss to Kentucky.

Yes, that means I think we'll beat Florida. I'm ridiculous.

But the point is - we're about where I thought we'd be, though I didn't expect to get embarrassed in Knoxville. And you can't judge a team too harshly for living up to your expectations.

So let's see what happens. And somebody tell me: What's wrong with Caleb King?

We're down to one scholarship tailback (Moreno) and we're talking about using former walk-on Jason Johnson and a couple of second-string fullbacks at running back instead of burning the red shirt on our supposedly all-star freshman who's going to have to be ready to play next year because of numbers. There's a reason for that.


kjpeters said...

I'll still take to over on your four loss prediction for UGA. They've really got their hands full. I real team doesn't play as many freshmen as they are playing.
Ask the General where Caleb King is hiding. Can't he find out?

Nick said...

You still think we are going to beat Florida. You are crazy. I am leaning to 7-5! But hope and AJ Green are on the way.