Monday, November 17, 2008

State of the Nation: How satisfied are you in 2008?

Bye week discussion. When I forced myself to put a number to it, the number was higher than I thought...

On a scale from 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with The Dawgs in 2008?

I'm going to say 8, though the bottom drops out of that if we lose to tech in 2 weeks.

Ten, for me, would have been a National Title, though in years past that high achievement wasn't necessary for my ultimate satisfaction. Nine would have been qualifying for and/or winning the SEC Title Game.

We've definitely disappointed this year with poor defensive and special teams play. The loss of fire and death-dealing on the defense is of particular concern, because I don't understand it. But this was a young, injury-riddled team, and our expectations were too high.

Plus, Alabama and Florida are freaking good. I'd prefer not to have been embarrassed by them, but in my heart I can't go lower than 8.

UPDATE: Westerdawg says 7.5, which I toyed with myself. And he notes how badly Michigan's season has gone, which I can relate to.

I've got several friends who went to Virginia Tech, and they can't manage to challenge for an ACC Title, so it's all relative.

But this is supposed to be our time, these years. And I want "our time" to be everything it can. Right now, it's not. But, if we beat tech, I'll consider myself generally satisfied by the season of 2008.


Nick said...

I would agree that 8 is a fair number. You know we have come a long way to 10-2 being dissappointing?

dstarnes said...

picked to finish second in the east coming out of media days.

Lucid Idiocy said...

Dan, are you saying that members of the media obviously know everything?

Because, thanks.

Myrna said...

No higher than 7. I got really disillusioned after the Alabama game.

Is there any way Richt will change his ways and stop all the extra rough pre-season practices? No one else does that anymore and it is obviously hurting us - no pun intended.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm saying this...but Dan and Nick are right.


dstarnes said...

I'm saying that the media and coaches that actually know the SEC picked us to finish right where we are. The ones that picked us number one are the same ones who thought Hawaii deserved to be in the BCS about this time last year. I'm also saying that I hope Mark Richt stays forever and if anyone says otherwise, I will personally get a one block head start and Christian Okoye them on the streets of Athens while they aren't looking.
That, and I'm always right Corporal.

Anonymous said...

injurys happen... not an excuse...cmr has been at ga for 8 yrs! where is the depth and im talking d line not o...also this yr is no better than a 7. we are awfull the only thing winning our games is talent.

AuditDawg said...

My head says 8 as we have the possibility for an 11 win season which is nothing to sneeze at, but my heart says no more than 6. I honestly can deal with losing to two of the best teams in America. What I can't appreciate is a lack of competitiveness in those two games. There's no way Florida is 49-3 more talented than us nor is Alabama 31-0 more talented to us. The disappointment of this season is to realize that when this team gets punched in the stomach it doesn't know how to react. When things got bad in the Bama and Florida games, Murphy's Law seemed to take full effect and the team never recovered or really put up a fight for that manner. Sure, they came back in the 2nd half of the Bama game, but that game was essentially over at halftime. I hope next year we can handle adversity better this year. This season can still be successful if we defeat Tech to tie the longest winning streak in the series history. That would send our seniors out the right way.

Anonymous said...

While we didn’t meet the high expectations set at the begining of this year, we could still end strong! We need Stafford and Moreno back to finish the drill behind a healthy deep o-line in 2009. Don’t go to the NFL, come back one more season.

Please sign the guest book for Matthew and Knowshon at

Anonymous said...

Sure the SEC media picked UF 1 and us 2, but it is only the 2nd or 3rd time in 12 or 13 years they've got it right. Looking at it preseason, you'd have to think we were pretty evenly matched with UF, but my guess is the writer's figured the "schedule" would keep us out of it

Anonymous said...

I would give them at least a 2 after Alabama and Florida beat up on them. They have to play Texas Tech., Texas or USC before I would rate them any higher. What's up with Moreno? Why does he always act like he was the only player to ever score a touchdown or pick up a first down. I didn't see him doing all that pointing with Alabama nor Florida. The media want to put him above Christ. He is an average back but nothing special.

Anonymous said...

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