Thursday, November 5, 2009

Magic mouth guards: I'll take 94,000

Somewhere during Monday night's Falcons-Saints game Jon Gruden started talking about these mouth guards the Saints were wearing that align their jaws and result in increased flexibility, jumping ability and general cold-wreckindness (9 second mark).

And it sounds like a bunch of crap. Except that the Saints are awesome. And I mean Awesome. And Gruden and the rest of the Monday Night announcing team said they tested these things, which increased their range of motion.

From Makkar:
The Makkar PPM™ naturally aligns the athlete's jaw, and in doing so, has been shown to enhance explosive power, balance, range of motion, flexibility, endurance and oxygen flow during training and competition, allowing the user to maximize their performance.

The process of properly aligning the jaw position is based on the principles of Neuro-muscular Dentistry, which indicate that a “good” bite is achieved when the muscles of the face, jaw and neck are allowed to be at their most efficient state, which is a restful state. What we have observed, and demonstrate time and again, is an immediate improvement in posture, range of motion, flexibility, balance, and strength. Our users have reported to us increased endurance and faster recovery.

We believe that these results flow from a combination of factors, including a more efficiently functioning neuromusculature, and enhanced oxygen flow through an increased airway. The various and many testimonials by prominent athletes in several sports appear elsewhere on this website. They all relate immediate and substantial improvement in performance.

We have in hand results of a research study performed by a reputable US College with funding from us that compared the results of a traditionally-fitted custom mouthguard with a PPM™. We will be in a position to release the full research report shortly.
Dear Coach Richt: Holy shit, buy all of these now.


Anonymous said...

I must have one of those....


Brett said...

We already blew that budget on the black helmets. Whammy.

mouth guards said...

Remember, only by using a mouth guard can kids with and without braces avoid serious sports injuries. So why take chances. Precaution is still our best protection so go and get your personal mouth guards before it’s too late. Like I always say, don’t lose your jaw.