Monday, November 23, 2009

Senator, I'll go you one better

Check this from Get The Picture.

Now I'll tell you something a friend of mine noticed Saturday. When Joe Cox raises his arms (horizontally, almost as if he's asking the crowd to quiet down), we're going to run the ball.

I assume it's some sort of a silent check into a pre-determined run play. But, regardless, every time I saw him do it before the snap against Kentucky, we ran the ball.

Probably not something a guy named Colby should be able to pick up from the student section.


Anonymous said...

And yet we ran successfully the whole game. That is until we called a toss sweep on the 1-yard line against the SEC's worst rushing defense.

SCdawg said...

i was looking for that also but the one time i saw him do it, we passed.

Lucid Idiocy said...

SC - then I could be wrong. But I saw it a good dozen times, all runs. Certainly looked like a check.

But I have never been in the arena.

Anonymous said...

I've actually started noticing htis about four weeks ago. It is definitely going to be a running play if he checks like that.

Brett said...

What is the signal for "I'm going to throw an interception to the tackle?"

Anonymous said...

We should also note that Cox refuses to consistently go through any type of progression. How many times does he go to his first read, no matter how many times that guy is COMPLETELY covered? How many times does he stare down who he is going to...sometimes from before the snap! I think Bobo knows that he (Cox) is terrible and cannot go through a progression or manage a game at this level.