Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Boise tickets sold out

Well, will you look at that (scroll down). There wasn't a problem. Groo was right, again.

Update: I called the ticket office just to confirm this:
"They sure did (sell out). We didn't have but a couple of thousand up in the nosebleed section, but they sure went fast."


dstarnes said...

The Georgia Bulldogs are undefeated playing in Atlanta in a game that should be one of the big National Games of the day.
it's a sellout.

How surprising.

Anonymous said...

Actually the DAWGS lost in Atlanta to WVU in the Sugar Bowl...38 to 35 i believe. Hurricane Katrina caused the move to the Dome.

But, no way the DAWGS lose to Boise. It will be a slaughter. I will be there if it costs $1000 a ticket!

dstarnes said...

Sorry that was unclear.They will be undefeated on Sept 3, 2011. At least for most of the day.
I'm with you on the being there at any cost.