Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aaron Murray: Room for improvement

I have a confession to make: I didn't think Aaron Murray was that good last year.

Sure, I know he was a redshirt freshman. He was good for a redshirt freshman. And taken as a whole, his stats for the season were downright solid.

But we stalled on a lot of drives, right when we needed momentum. I'm not smart like some of you folks, so I can't just point at Mike Bobo and blame the play calling. I blame a plethora of things. I see death by 1,000 cuts and football as a game of inches.

Which is to say I want a quarterback who can shrug all that off, put us on his back, and take us to the end zone.

And that is why I love Aaron Murray. From The Macon Telegraph:
“If you all were able to go back and watch the film the way we watch the film and critique it the way I critique it and the way Coach Bobo critiques it, there were tons of plays last year where I left on the field,” Murray said. “I could’ve thrown a completion here or there, or thrown a touchdown here or there, or checked to a play here or there that I didn’t do. There are a lot of corrections to be made.”


William said...

The only things I could see wrong last year was throwing into double or triple coverage when some one would be wide open. The second observation was no audibles to speak. I'm still not gonna complain Murray done a great job for a RF. I can't wait to see more dawg football

Anonymous said...

You must have been watching a different Aaron Murray than the rest of the College Football world watched.

Lucid Idiocy said...

I guess Aaron Murray was too.

Anonymous said...

John Maxwell talks about 5 levels of leadership. Level 1- positional due to title. Level 2- relational due to bonds. Level 3- organizaqtional wins. Murray is stuck at Level 2 until he beats a winning or ranked team. OLine went from 8 sacks w/Cox to 24 w/Murray. Rush game went from 168 w/Cox to 100 w/Murray. All receivers got worse except Brown. That's what Level 4 is about, making teammates better.

Anonymous said...

Mason & Lemay deserve some rotations with the 1st team starters in real games. If Murray can hold these 2 stallions off, not in practice, but real games, great, if not, let's dub a new Knight at QB. Competition settles all. Tire of losing every game except teams like Vanderbilt. Let him earn it on the field.

Lucid Idiocy said...

To be clear: just because I'm saying Aaron didn't have a great season last year doesn't mean I'm advocating for an open quarterback competition. He's the man. We can come back, and he's the one who can take us there.

Anonymous said...

Same can be said of Matt Stafford. David Green. I know you are trying to judge him critically, but perspective is in order. He showed a lot of poise for not throwing 15+ INT's last yr. You shouldn't put the team on the back of a freshman, redshirt or not. If you do, you are an idiot. Seriously, who comes in as a freshman QB and had a better year than he did. And don't talk to me about wins until these kids start playing 1 on 1 football.

Anonymous said...

Football is a team sport where you are judged by team results. I don't care if Murray throws for 1000 yards/10 td's if we go 14-0.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Murray excelled as a redshirt freshman, throwing for 3,049 yards with 24 touchdowns and only eight interceptions.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the UGA passing game used less with so little experience at QB. Like to see the running game, defense & special teams relied on more in the gameplan. Need less QB stats and more wins.

BuLLdawg said...

# 72 in the nation we were at getting 1st Downs

# 56 in the nation at making 3rd Down Conversions

# 55 Total Offense

And, this guy cannot - with the addition of 5 other posters to this blog agreeing with the blogger - say that excuse me, you have to go back 58 years all the way to 1953 to find a season in which we Lost more games than the 7 games we Lost last season.

19 TD passes vs 8 teams who did not end up in the AP Poll Top 25.

5 TD passes vs 5 teams who did end up in the AP Poll Top 25 - all Losses.

Lost to 2 of the 8 who did not end up in the Top 25 too.

And, we cannot come in here and even suggest there is room for improvement ?

Poor up the Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

Dear BuLLdawg,

"Lighten up Lighten up, Francis"

Sincerely yours,
Sargent Hulka

Anonymous said...

John Wnger: Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it's usually something unusual. But now I know why I have always lost women to guys like you. I mean, it's not just the uniform. It's the stories that you tell. So much fun and imagination.

Anonymous said...

Obama: Yeah, its all George Bush's fault. Ahgg I meant to say its all Arron Murray's fault.

His 2,851 yards passing are the most by a UGA freshman, surpassing David Greene's 2,789 in 2001. His 24 touchdown passes trail only Stafford's 25 in 2008 in the Georgia single-season record book. His 61.8-percent completion percentage ranks third, behind Bobo's 65 percent in 1997 and Eric Zeier's 63.3 in 1993. And his 162.72 pass-efficiency rating comfortably betters Bobo's school-record 155.8 in 1997.

Anonymous said...

Murray's 6-7 record as a starter trails every QB Mark Richt has every worked with in 25 years of coaching.

DVilleHairy said...

A field goal or punt's a whole lot better than an interception. That's what needs to change. 3rd down, don't force it, like the Florida game, just kick a field goal or punt and trust your defense and kickers.

BuLLdawg said...

Aaron Murray will never be drafted by the NFL.

Not ever.

He was our best player, all season long - so much so that there is no # 2 best player on our team last year.

Aaron Murray averaged



2 yards per carry

And, he stole 8 carries a game from the running backs.

David Greene Lost 4 games in 2001.

What we need around here is a little more expectations.

Yes, Aaron Murray was a very poor leader last season.

To the poster who said how could anyone consider a redshirt freshman, excuse me - you are trying to tell ALL the rest of us that there is no room for improvement from a redshirt freshman.


That is what we should be telling all our players

and all of Mark Richt's coaching staff


That, clearly, is a far better message to send to the them.

Studying the video from last night of Crowell running the drills at practice; at least he is not injured. That is more than can be said for Boo Ken Malcome, who was recruited here injured and who has been injured every single day since we started recruiting him here, too.

There were 150 in the 2011 signing class alone who all 150 were faster than Crowell. Crowell is not that fast. This is not why he is ranked the # 1 running back in the nation, because of his speed. He is not fast. We have many who are far faster than Crowell.

18 TD vs 8 teams who did not finish Top 25

5 TD vs 5 teams who did finish Top 25

Could not buy a 1st Down all season long, at Number 72 in the nation.

And, absolutely, Aaron Murray has a lot of areas for improvement.

Such as beating a good team, such as South Carolina in game 2. And, not losing to crappy football teams such as Colorado, Florida and Central Florida.

As for talk to you about wins when the game of football is 1 on 1, all you talked about when David Greene was here was how many games he won as our Starting QB and in the 7 Losses last season, Aaron Murray was out-played in all 7 Losses by the QB on the opposing team - all 7 Losses their QB was better head-to-head than our QB.

Lighten up,

Sir, should I lighten up to the point where being # 72 in the nation at 1st Downs and # 72 in the nation at being sacked, is considered

The Best UGA Bulldogs' QB ever ?

Where I am so satisfied losing to every ranked team and running up stats against unranked teams and losing to 2 of them too, means there is no room for improvement ?

Pour me some Kool-Aid you are drinking for these kids need to GATA and so do our settling for nothingness fans. If it took God 7 days to create the Earth and there are 8 planets plus dwarf planets in our own solar system orbiting our star and galaxies of 100 hundred trillion stars with their planets in 1 galaxy and there are 170 trillion galaxies in the observable universe, how long did it take Him to create the whole universe ?

Why not just admit that Church and state should be Separated and that our Mark Richt is a fine man whose coaching staff had better beat Boise State with their average recruiting ranking of # 69 to Mark Richt's average recruiting ranking of 7.