Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big John Jenkins: Banking on the Motel 6

I have no idea who came up with this, other than this anonymous commenter on Hedges to Hardwood, but this blog heartily endorses "Motel 6" as the official nickname for John Jenkins.
Me: Because he wears No. 6, and he puts people to sleep.

Joe: That is awesome. You think we'll line him up on offense some? What if we beat South Carolina on a p-44 Jenkins?

Me: Then he could go to the sidelines and eat Spurrier's visor.
Motel 6: He'll turn the light off for you.


Martin Van Dawgin said...

I thought it was complete brilliance as well. I think we should start a blogosphere campaign for "Motel 6" Jenkins. I'll get to work on some artwork.

BTW, thanks for the linkage as well.

Anonymous said...

That was me

Anonymous said...

Why not go au natural with Big John?