Monday, August 8, 2011

SB Nation: Irresponsible and successful publishing

It says a lot about today's media that this guy:

... can type up his thoughts and these guys will just throw it up on the Internet, generating hundreds, if not thousands, of hits and thus advertising revenue.

Even better, they do it with the following caveats. From the blog's editors:
This content was not created by OBNUG and therefore may not meet our standards. On the contrary, it probably exceeds them.
And from the author himself in the comments:
idk if these facts are correct but that is what i found, i’d appreciate the feedback so i can get these facts correct
"Pro Quality, Fan Perspective," indeed.


joe p said...


And sad...but, like 90% hilarious and 10% sad...or is it the other way around?

BigBadBruce said...

Good point. Terrible article. Most betting lines have Boise slight favorite (-1). It's almost an even match according to the Pro sports bettors. And the line has moved much closer to being Georgia favored since it opened a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Tamp Dawg here,
I just left the blog he posted and I haven't laughed that hard since watching "Blazzing Saddles" for the first time.
We had a duo of dawg posters shredding this poor kid. "Red Blackman" and "Jaxdawg" were in rare form. Dawg fans must go and read. The poor kid was so frustrated and back tracking on his own comments. OMG I can't stop laughing. Even BS fans were telling him to calm down. Huge applause to the Dynamic Dawg Duo!

Anonymous said...

sorry... Blazing Saddles

BuLLdawg said...

We have 51 either 4-Star or 5-Star recruits according to these last 5 recruiting classes and Boise State has 1 Kellen Moore 5 years ago who is a 4-Star QB.

Boise State has averaged Recruiting Rankings of number 69 over these last 5 years.

Georgia Bulldogs have averaged Recruiting Rankings of number 11 over these last 5 years.

The statement, therefore, that I take most exception to is not the poor analysis of our beloved Bulldogs listed at their wrong positions or stated as playing the position last year when they did not or will be playing the position in discussion when they will not.

It is, instead, this comment :

"With the improved recruiting in the recent year for Boise State the size and speed issue normally facing a non BCS against an SEC opponent should be a non issue." robertjamesphefer says.

JaxDawg said...

I am JaxDawg I also go under CPODawg in other places thanbks for the kudos but it wasnt supposed to end up the way it did even it was funny. I actually went over there to have a rational decent conversation on football but, it is what it is I had fun exchanging hand grenades and still am. Tis` is the season right? GO DAWGS GATA!!!!!

Lucid Idiocy said...

Yeah, it's great that you guys are taking down what may be a 16 year old kid in Idaho, but that just plays right into their hands. Hits are hits, even when folks just show up to call you an idiot. Can't we stop rewarding people who pander go straight for the lowest common denominator?